Packing up your house quickly:

When moving from afar to Albuquerque, or simply changing your home in the city, one often overlooked and difficult part of the real-estate process is moving. Luckily, there is a way to make it much easier for yourself. With just a few tips and tricks in this department, you will have one less stress on your mind!

The number one tip I have is to start early! This comes with discipline. The day you know you are planning to move, should be the day you start to pack. By this, I do not mean to start putting your belongings in boxes, but simply, mentally, you need to start your action plan.

The start of your action plan is to structure yourself properly. Have small goals you would like to achieve daily! Set dates for each step, even if it is as simple as “Tuesday: Buy Tape”. The idea is, the closer you get to moving the more prepped you need to be.

Although buying tape is just an example, it is absolutely vital that you have your supplies beforehand. Never ever jump to packing right away! Make sure you have enough boxes, enough tape, and enough packing material for all your belongings well before you pack!

**An overlooked step in packing is taking pictures of electronic set-ups. Not everyone is an electronics wizard, so simply taking a picture of the set up will help save both time and money for future setups. **

After all this is done, it is now time to consider your new home. Think of where some of your belongings will go in the new home, and label them as such. The more detailed you are, the better it will be. Labeling a box “North corner of master bedroom” is not crazy, it is simply being well prepared.

Now it is time to rent a U-Haul! Trust me, the $30.00 you will spend here will be the most beneficial expense. Once all this is done, and it is time to move, give your favorite friend, son, or nephew, a call to get it loaded up and ready to go!

Congrats you did it! Want more great tips? Contact the broker for you, CRU!

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