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3 Reasons to sell with Cru:

  1. Extensive full market analysis. Cru Horse will thoroughly inspect your home, point out important features, and recommend upgrades. Using this information, she will provide the best possible price she can get you for your home!
  2. Full marketing plan. Cru will provide everything from flyers, to social media advertisements to sell your home! With award winning Coldwell Banker Legacy at her side, it means your home is seen by more brokers, and buyers!
  3. Communication, communication, communication! Cru’s clock ticks 24/7 for her clients. Availability is a theme in our testimonials section!

If you are looking to sell a home in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Real Estate Market, Cru will use every resource available to find the best fit for you! Keep an eye out for our seller’s tip of the week at as well, these will help keep you on the right path! Remember, LET CRU, HELP YOU!

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