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Many times, when my clients are looking for their perfect home, they get stuck in little details. For example, they know they want a specific look to a specific part of the house, and what ends up happening is, when the real-estate agent finds the perfect home, its missing a feature that she was unaware about you needing. It ends up turning into frustration for the buyer, as they feel like their needs are not catered to.

The remedy for this problem is to sit down and make a list of likes and dislikes. After doing so, put everything in order of importance. If granite countertops are a 100% must, and having a hot tub is preferred, but not necessary, it’s important that your real-estate broker know about it. This way, when you and your realtor go to look at homes, you are both on the same page. I have always encouraged my clients to make this a practice and adjust the list as time passes. When everyone is on the same team, and communicating well, the process tends to move quickly and frustration free!

Remember, when you are searching for your new home- the broker for you, is Cru!

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