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Albuquerque 4th of July

The smell of the green chile cheeseburgers being fired on the grill, the sounds of the cracking fireworks coming from homes, and Balloon Fiesta Park, and a hot hot summer day. This describes the 4th of July in Albuquerque. I am excited to share with you all the great activities you can do on the […]

Stuck? No Need To Worry.

Many times, when my clients are looking for their perfect home, they get stuck in little details. For example, they know they want a specific look to a specific part of the house, and what ends up happening is, when the real-estate agent finds the perfect home, its missing a feature that she was unaware […]

The Importance of Having a Realtor ™

The real estate industry can be a complicated one. From buying, selling and investing, each has its own unique challenges. Unfortunately, ‘commissions’ often turn off those who are about to sell their homes. People think For Sale by Owner (FSBO) equals saving lots of money. As brokers we love the confidence the seller has however, […]

The Process Starts Now!

In our contemporary economy, and culture, both buyers and sellers begin to get frustrated, very quickly with the amount of time it takes to find the right home, or sell their home. Sellers: The reality is, the process starts early on. Many sellers think that because most people buy homes in the summer, that somehow […]

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